Calorie Cycling – Week 15

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Week 14: I show off Basis Peak’s new manual activities with accompanying graphs.

Week 13: I have a new daily log to make tracking easier.

Week 12: I continue working towards my goals and realize how sodium is in everything.


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Description of the Week:

Week 15 Daily Log

Some highlights from this week are visiting my parents for the weekend. The puppy also got spayed, so we had a quiet night to ourselves, but we actually missed him a bit.

Heart Rate, Sleep, and Energy Levels:

Week 15 HR_Sleep_Energy.png

Book of the Week:

This week I took a little break from my previous one and read Frank Miller’s Ronin. It was a nice little mental break. I haven’t actually read to many American comics mostly because it’s difficult to catch them from the very beginning, so a shorter graphic novel was nice. It was a different take on a dystopian future with machines gaining too much control, but it had an interesting mix of old with some demons and magic thrown in as well. A fun little read that I would recommend you checking out.

Workouts and Activity:

Week 15 Workout.png

Workout 1 - Apr 10

Apr 10: Weight lifting; One arm row, Bicep curls, Russian twists; Active for 30:40; Average heart rate of 94; Heart rate range of 82-118

Workout 2 - Apr 13

Apr 13: Weight lifting; Barbell squats, Calf raises; Active for 15:14; Average heart rate of 90; Heart rate range of 79-101

Workout 3 - Apr 14

Apr 14: Weight lifting; Incline chest press, Triceps extension, Sit-ups; Active for 22:56; Average heart rate of 102; Heart rate range of 80-112

Week 15 Activity.png

Body Composition and Measurements:

Week 15 Body Composition.png

Neck: 14 3/8 inches –

Shoulders: 43 3/4 inches 

Bust: 36 5/8 inches 

Chest: 34 5/8 inches 

Waist: 31 1/8 inches 

Hips: 36 5/8 inches

Thighs: 21 3/8 inches

Calves: 14 1/2 inches

Upper Arm: 11 3/8 inches

Forearms: 10 3/8 inches


Week 15 Nutrition.png

This week I attempted to incorporate some calorie cycling to provide nutrients at key times, while trying to keep my fat storage to a minimum. To accomplish this I am still eating roughly 250 calories over maintenance on average. On days following workouts, I will increase my intake to 2950 calories assuming 3 workouts a week. On every other day I will eat at my maintenance of 2370.


My resting heart rate has a couple outliers this week. My morning RHR is significantly higher on Saturday and Thursday morning. It is always significantly lower on Monday and Wednesday morning. Overall my morning and evening RHR are increased for the week.

My activity based on heart rate is somewhat decreased from the previous week.

My total sleep is increased from the previous week but below my goal of 8 hours each night.  My amount of REM sleep is decreased but my deep sleep is increased. This is likely due to less disturbances at night. My deep sleep seems to be the most affected in that regard. I managed to get up at 8 am 3 out of 7 times this week, so still more work to do in that regard

I’m down on my steps for the week. Even below my weekly goal of 50,000. I did get in all my workouts for the day however, so that’s a positive.

My weight, lean mass, and my fat mass are all up from last week counteracting the down week I had.

My trending body measurements for this week are largely the same as the previous. Some are up and others are down, so I will just continue as is.

My calories deficit is increased from the previous week. This week I introduced calorie cycling without too much difficulty. I hit my sodium goal 5 out of 7 days. The only days I was off was when I visited my parents. Maybe I should let them know that that may be why their blood pressure is running a little high.

Modifications for Next Week:

I still have more work to do on being up at 8 am and asleep by midnight. That will be a continued goal for me.

I did see increases in lean mass this week and hopefully I will have limited increases in fat mass with calorie cycling, so I will keep that going for now.

I am considering signing up for a gym to have access to a power rack, so I can continue increasing the weight I am lifting safely.

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