Manually Track Activities With Basis Peak

One question that comes up a lot with Basis Peak users is “Can I just manually add my activities that my Peak won’t detect?”. The answer to this luckily is YES! The only caveat is that is requires a work around through Google Fit (this presumably also works with iHealth, but I cannot personally speak to that).

Step 1: Connect Basis Peak to Google Fit

Step 1a.png

Go into the Basis Peak App settings.

Step 1b

Confirm that you want to share your data with Google Fit, which will also allow it to communicate with your other Google Fit connected devices.

Step 2: Allow Google Fit to Collect & Store Data

Step 2a.png

Go into the Google Fit App settings.

Step 2b

Allow Google Fit to collect and store data. This will actually allow it to capture your heart rate and step data.

Step 3: Track Your Activities

Step 3a

If you want to track an activity or workout in real-time, then select “Start activity.”

Step 3b

You can then select your activity type from a wide list and hit “Start.” Once your done with your workout just hit pause and stop it.

Step 3c

Additionally you can add activities that you have already performed by selecting “Add activity”, so you don’t have to worry about missing any.

Step 3d

Again just select your type of activity. Additionally select when you started and what the duration was (you can estimate if you don’t know exactly).

Step 3e.png

Lastly you can go back through your activities in Google Fit and get a nice little summary of each activity that looks a little like this. If you check it right after you finish the workout, the numbers may not quite be accurate because it takes a few moments for it to pull the necessary data from your watch.


In 3 easy steps, I showed you how you can manually add activities to be tracked by your Basis Peak. I hope this will allow you to do even more with your Basis Peak data.

If you have any other questions that you would like me to address with another how-to, let me know!

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