Activity Graphs – Week 14

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Week 13: I have a new daily log to make tracking easier.

Week 12: I continue working towards my goals and realize how sodium is in everything.

Week 11:  I rework my format and focus in more on my nutrition.


Domestic: The Democratic presidential race got more contentious this week as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders clashed over their presidential qualifications and subway tokens. After upsetting Donald Trump in the Wisconsin primary, Ted Cruz faces a hostile reception in New York. The Republican establishment meets to discuss strategies of a possible contested convention. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is dragged into the Senate fight over President Obama’s nominee to the high court. Mississippi and North Carolina face a backlash over recent laws seen as discriminating against the L.G.B.T. community. And the U.S. sets tougher rules on corporate taxation.

International: The fallout from the Panama Papers continues as Iceland’s prime minister steps aside and Russian president Vladimir Putin calls the leak a western plot. Asylum applications surge in Greece as the EU begins deporting migrants to Turkey. Pope Francis pushes the church to adopt a more welcoming tone toward single parents, unmarried couples and gay people, and signals a path to communion for the divorced. Cases of meningitis and encephalitis are diagnosed in patients infected with the Zika virus. And impeachment proceedings against both the Brazilian president and vice president raise the possibility of new elections.

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Description of the Week:

Week 14 Daily Log

Some highlights from this week are planning a trip towards the end of this month as a little getaway for me and the wife. On the 2nd I had to get a new laptop charge cable because the pup gets bored when left alone for too long. I also had some sinus problems towards the end of the week, but luckily they resolved in a couple of days.

Heart Rate, Sleep, and Energy Levels:

Week 14 HR_Sleep_Energy

Book of the Week:

This week I started reading The Next Species: The Future of Evolution in the Aftermath of Man by Michael Tennesen. It seems to be focused on giving an outline of previous mass extinctions to segue into the idea that we are nearing another mass extinction. I would assume to next species part to refer to what outcomes we might encounter as a result.

Workouts and Activity:

Week 14 Workout.png

Workout 1 - Apr 3

Apr 3: Weight lifting; One arm row, Bicep curls, Russian twists; Active for 38:45; Average heart rate of 91; Heart rate range of 66-101

Workout 2 - Apr 6

Apr 6: Weight lifting; Barbell squats, Calf raises; Active for 17:00; Average heart rate of 103; Heart rate range of 80-120

Workout 3 - Apr 7

Apr 7: Weight lifting; Incline chest press, Triceps extension, Sit-ups; Active for 29:15; Average heart rate of 102; Heart rate range of 79-118

Week 14 Activity.png

I modified the way that I display my resistance training results to focus in on estimated 1 rep max as my primary metric for monitoring my change in strength. With this in mind, I am now taking the average of 1 rep maxes from each set to calculate the value that you see there. I am not sure if I should include some additional multiplier to account for the fact that I am doing multiple sets.

With the Basis Peak’s newest update, you can now manually track activities without having to use Google Fit, though I still like some of the values presented. I included my activity graphs for my workouts this week. You can actually see spikes every time I do a set, which is pretty cool.

Body Composition and Measurements:

Week 14 Body Composition

Neck: 14 3/8 inches –

Shoulders: 43 7/8 inches 

Bust: 37 1/8 inches

Chest: 35 1/8 inches 

Waist: 31 1/8 inches 

Hips: 36 5/8 inches

Thighs: 21 1/4 inches ↓

Calves: 14 1/2 inches

Upper Arm: 11 1/4 inches

Forearms: 10 3/8 inches


Week 14 Nutrition


My resting heart rate has a couple outliers this week. My evening RHR is significantly lower on Sunday night. I guess I had a relaxing weekend? And you see that my morning RHR is significantly higher. Maybe following my workout from the previous evening? Overall my morning and evening RHR are decreased for the week.

My activity based on heart rate is largely the same as the previous week.

My total sleep is increased from the previous week but below my goal of 8 hours each night.  My amount of REM sleep is increased but my deep sleep is decreased. Likely this is due to more disturbances this week from the pup. I managed to get up at or before 8 am three times this week, but as you can see my energy level is the morning is lower than the previous week, so it is still a bit of a struggle. On average I am going to bed close to 1 am, so I need to definitely get that earlier.

Most of the days this week I met my step goals except for one, but my average is still pretty good. My 1 rep max continues to go up for most exercises are well.

My weight, lean mass, and my fat mass are all down from last week. There is definitely a good bit of variation in these measurements even when taking a weekly average. At this point I will continue my currently intake. I hope that there is just a lag period before one sees an actual lean mass increase.

My trending body measurements for this week are largely the same as the previous. Progress here is slower than one would hope for as always, but I see it as a ramping up process as I get my nutrition and workouts dialed in.

My calories deficit is increased from the previous week which still resulted in an average weight loss. Hopefully it’s due to some natural fluctuations. I hit my sodium goal 6 out of 7 days which I would call a win. I think this should be relatively sustainable now that I am more mindful of what food preparations to watch out for.

Modifications for Next Week:

I will continue trying to be up at 8 am and to accomplish that I will be aiming to be asleep by midnight. So the same as last week. Obviously this one has been harder than some of my previous goals because I tend to be a night owl.

I am going to give calorie cycling a try to see if I can specifically promote lean mass increase while limiting fat mass gain. This involves eating more after workouts and less on those days that I am not working out.

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