Thought for Food – Week 10

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Check out the Intro post to get an idea of what this blog is about.

Week 9: I include a little bit of world perspective as a backdrop for what is going on in my life.

Week 8: I focus in on establishing standards for my data for my continued comparisons and improvements.

Week 7: I look at little closer at my body goals with tape measurements.


Domestic: Presidential candidates prepare for decisive primaries in Florida and Ohio. Congress considers new sanctions after Iran tests ballistic missiles. And former First Lady Nancy Reagan is laid to rest beside her husband.

International: Iran test-fires ballistic missiles. The European Union and Turkey reach a tentative deal on migrants. And the Pentagon says U.S. airstrikes killed 150 militants in Somalia.


Week 10.png

Description of the Week:

Mar 4: After breakfast this morning, we stopped by the vet to check about the puppy’s retained deciduous or baby teeth. Looks like he should be okay to keep them in until he gets neutered, since he would have to be anesthetized anyways. Went to work. Grabbed some lunch out and walked around the park since the weather was nice. After work we ran a few errands. Had a light dinner, evening walk, and finished off the night with some reading. Energy Level: 4/4

Mar 5: Lounged a bit this morning and watched some Netflix while breakfast was baking. We walked around the nature preserve. The pup really flies down those trails. It must be his low center of gravity. We had lunch out. Then we ran several errands before dinner. I had to stop by work briefly, took an evening walk, and read before bed. Energy Level: 4/4

Mar 6: After breakfast I started the day off with a little reading. Got some gardening stuff and bought groceries for the week. Had lunch at home. Spent a little bit of time at the dog park. Came home and planted some veggies, so here’s hoping for a good harvest! Got some takeout for dinner. Worked out after dinner, went for an evening walk, and read. Energy Level: 4/4

Mar 7: Had a regular work day followed by working out, a little bit of TV, our usual evening walk, and reading. Energy Level: 4/4

Mar 8: Woke up a little early to deal with some puppy vomit. He still has incidences every now and again. I was definitely sore from the previous night’s workout. First leg workout in a while. Went to work for the day. In the evening, had some home-cooked dinner and treated ourselves to some frozen yogurt after. I played a little bit of video games before our evening walk and reading. Energy Level: 4/4

Mar 9: Had a longer day at work with a couple of lunch meetings and an afternoon seminar, so I got home a bit later. Still managed to get in a workout after dinner as well as an evening walk, my weekly body measurements, and some reading. Energy Level: 4/4

Mar 10: Pretty normal work day with some dinner at home and reading in the evening. I was a little lacking on my steps because of the rain throughout the day. The pup was a little more unruly as well because of all his pent up energy. Energy Level: 4/4

Weekly Energy Level Average: 4/4

Book of the Week:

This week I am continuing on The Brain Electric: The Dramatic High-Tech Race to Merge Minds and Machines by Malcolm Gay. It looks to be mostly a historical account of DARPA’s prosthetic missions and brain computer interfaces (BCI). Not sure if there will be anything actionable to take away from this book, but it is an interest read nonetheless to see how far we have come and what the cutting edge research and technology can do.


Mar 6: Weight lifting; One arm row (30 lb each arm x 12 reps x 3 sets), Bicep curls (30 lb x 8 reps x 3 sets), Russian twists (30 lb x 12 reps x 3 sets); Active for 26:04; 12 calories burned; Average heart rate of 92; Heart rate range of 77-113

Mar 7: Weight lifting; Barbell squats (95 lb x 12 reps x 3 sets), Calf raises (95 lb x 12 reps x 3 sets); Active for 16:09; 35 calories burned; Average heart rate of 105; Heart rate range of 83-130

Mar 9: Weight lifting; Incline chest press (25 lb each arm x 12 reps x 3 sets), Triceps extension (25 lb x 12 reps x 3 sets), Sit-ups (25 lb x 12 reps x 3 sets); Active for 30:32; 5 calories burned; Average heart rate of 94; Heart rate range of 64-118

Body Composition and Measurements:

Week 10 Weight

Shoulders: 43 1/2 inches

Bust: 37 3/8 inches 

Chest: 36 inches

Waist: 31 1/2 inches 

Hips: 36 3/4 inches

Thighs: 21 3/8 inches 

Calves: 14 5/8 inches 

Upper Arm: 11 1/4 inches 

Forearms: 10 3/8 inches

I decided to include the measurement around my shoulders this week because I was hoping it would help me decide on my body type. Still not sure so if you have any experience on such please let me know.


Week 10 Nutrition

The new addition for this week is nutrition tracking using MyFitnessPal. While general exercise and activity are important, nutrition can actually be more so for health and well-being. I do not yet have standards set for what sort of macronutrient composition I would like to consume or anything like that. This is more just to see where I stand.


My resting heart rate for this week is relatively stable compared to last week  with no significantly high values relative to my average, so I can say that I had a fairly stable week overall.

I spent less time in my higher heart rate zones this week. This is at least slightly due to a less active day on the 10th, but not sure is that can account for all of the difference. I want to continue working on my strength goals before moving on to focus on higher intensity activities more.

My total sleep is slightly increased from the previous week but I am still under my goal of 8 hours each night.  My average sleep quality was better than the previous week, but I do have some wide fluctuations. On the 5th I was low on my deep sleep. Both my REM and deep sleep were low on the 10th. I did not notice any detrimental effects on those days. I notice that when I look at my sleep data, on those two days I have periods of time when the Basis Peak is not detecting any sleep phase for me, so I wonder if it is just being mislabeled. It is a very good sleep tracker, but still not perfect which can make utilizing the data more difficult.

I met my step goals for the week except for that rainy day on the 10th. I also met my number of workouts for the week and hope to continue that. I am gradually increasing the amount of weight and/or repetitions I do on each exercise.

My weight and fat percentage are increased from the previous week, but now I am recording it as an average of the values for the whole week rather than at a single time point. As you can see there is some fluctuation throughout the week, which does not necessarily seem to correlate with anything in particular.

Overall I am seeing an increase in my body measurements, so I believe that my currently workout plan is having some effect, but I will continue monitoring it.

This is my first week following my nutrition, so I do not have any weekly comparisons, but I can compare against the most recent USDA dietary guidelines. My carbohydrate intake is a little under the recommendation with my fat intake being over and my protein intake falls in the middle. I am definitely higher on sodium and a little low on fiber. Overall, my food consumption probably looks about average at the moment.

Modifications for Next Week:

Tracking nutrition on a daily basis is still a lot of work even with some of the improvements that MyFitnessPal has made to their application. I would like to delve a little further into it next week and consider some potential tweaks that I might make. I need to establish some standards on my nutrition as well.

As I focus my workouts in more on building strength, I am considering a different way of displaying my results to better reflect any increases I make in terms of weight or repetitions. Also the calorie count I get from Google Fit seems to be largely inaccurate, so I might just drop it for the time being even though I will continue to track it on my own.

Feedback from You:

What sort of diet have you found to work for you? Also how do you track you strength training workouts to really visualize your weekly changes?

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