Small Progressive Changes – February in Review

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Month 1: My first monthly review. Just scratching the surface with Zenobase.

Monthly Data Points:

burn-(kcal) Dailyburn-(kcal) Hourlyheart-rate-(bpm) Dailyheart-rate-(bpm) Hourlyskin-temperature-(f) Dailyskin-temperature-(f) Hourlysteps Dailysteps Hourly

This is my second month in review using Zenobase. Again these graphs are generated from data gathered by my Basis Peak for the entire month. In order, calories daily, calories hourly, heart rate daily, heart rate hourly, skin temperature daily, skin temperature hourly, steps daily, and steps hourly.

Daily and Hourly Analysis:

I again displayed the data in a polar manner both by days of the week and hourly. In order again, calories daily, calories hourly, heart rate daily, heart rate hourly, skin temperature daily, skin temperature hourly, steps daily, and steps hourly.

Overall, I see more calorie burn on the weekends just because I am more active in general though it’s not totally due to steps as my highest step count is actually on Fridays and Sundays.

I have higher step counts around 10 am and 5 pm when I’m coming into and leaving work most days. My calorie burn is also slightly higher during those time periods.

Hourly Scatter Plots:

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A lot of correlations that I saw in the previous month still remain the same. Burn vs heart rate, burn vs steps, and heart rate vs steps are positively correlated which is to be expected. The unexpected finding from last time is that skin temperature vs all other variables is negatively correlated.

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When I only looked at the time periods when I was awake it decreased the correlation for skin temperature but it was still somewhat negatively correlated.

Monthly Changes:

Weight: 0 lb

BMI: 0

Body Fat: +0.8%

Even though my weight is unchanged, my body fat percentage is increased. It’s hard however to comment on that since I used two different scales. My weekly measurements suggest that it is somewhat steady.

My energy levels have been pretty steady in the high 3’s to low 4’s, so not too much changes there.

My activity has increased overall. My goal is now up 1500 steps/day to 7000. And I have been hitting my goal of 3 workouts a week.

Any further comparisons will have to wait till I have more data.


Overall since the amount of metrics I have collected for the full month are small, I can only make some comparisons. A lot of the trends from the previous month remain even when I account for times when I’m asleep vs awake.

For the most part I am more active than I was last month and continue to move in the right direction. I did not expect any large changes as I am just making gradual adjustments week to week.

Next time I might try to incorporate other data sources into Zenobase to see what sort of trends pop out.

Take a Look for Yourself:

If you’re interested in playing around with some data and need a sample set or think you can do a different sort of analysis than I have, you’re in luck because my data for this month is available on Dropbox. You can also access my Basis Peak data on Zenobase. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

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2 thoughts on “Small Progressive Changes – February in Review

  1. That’s a pretty thorough review of your data! btw you can share buckets (or filtered views of buckets) in Zenobase, if you want to let people poke around in your data…


    1. Eric, thanks for the compliment! I took your advice and updated both my January and February posts to include a link to my Basis Peak buckets. I would be curious to see what people with more data analysis experience than me might be able to find.


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