Clearer Picture with Body Measurements – Week 7

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Week 6: I give a voice to my introverted side by focusing a little on books.

Week 5: I look more in-depth at my workouts using the assistance of some apps.

Week 4: I start exploring my energy levels throughout the day.


Weekly Report Feb 12-18 2016

Description of the Week:

Feb 12: After a full night’s sleep, I finished Traction in the morning before heading to work. I came home for lunch and went to the dog park. I happened to run into a retired chemistry professor too. Small world! After finishing at work, I came home for some dinner followed by groceries, cleaning, and a nice evening walk.Energy Level: 4/4

Feb 13:  Woke up a little earlier today in preparation for my parents to arrive. They helped us with some yard work in the back. It’s basically a forest back there. We got some takeout for dinner and gave the puppy a bath after they left. Then we soaked ourselves, watched a little TV, and had some tea before heading to bed. Energy Level: 4/4

Feb 14: Slept in a little later today. Cleaned up the backyard a bit more. Ate out for lunch. We went hiking for a couple of hours in the afternoon since the weather was still nice. After dinner, I dropped by work for a bit. We finished the night off with some TV and caramel pot de creme that the wife made. Energy Level: 4/4

Feb 15: I slept in a little later and went into work on a rainy day. Came home for dinner followed by some grocery shopping and a little bit of cleaning. Had a nice evening walk.  Energy Level: 4/4

Feb 16: Had a regular work day. Went to the mall after dinner to get the wife a birthday present and a new computer because her current one is on the fritz. I tried to do a little bit of stationary biking but the puppy really wanted to catch my foot. A nice evening walk and some reading before bed. Energy Level: 4/4

Feb 17: Had some tasty protein pancakes for breakfast. Had a late day at work but lucky came home to some fish tacos prepared by the wife. Read some before our evening walk. Did my first set of body measurements. Energy Level: 4/4

Feb 18: Slept in a little. Did my body composition measurements. After a normal day at work, had some dinner out and walked around. Did a brief weight workout in the evening to start building some strength up. Watched a little Hulu and read before bed. Energy Level: 4/4

Weekly Energy Level Average: 4/4

Book of the Week:

This week I am in the middle of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck. I don’t know if this book has been looked at from a quantified self mindset, but I think it is highly applicable in that regard. In brief, there are two mindsets: fixed and growth. The fixed mindset believes that abilities, characteristics, and potential are innate and unchangeable. The growth mindset on the other hand believes that with enough effort anything can be improved.

Another key feature of the growth mindset is the desire to quantify, so as to be able to gauge the current situation and continue to grow. I will give a more complete assessment when I finish, but that is my initial take on it. It’s definitely word a read for anyone that feels like they’re in a rut.


Feb 16: Stationary Bike; Active for 8:56; 23 calories burned; Average heart rate of 103; Heart rate range of 86-127
Feb 18: Weight lifting; One arm row (25 lb x 12 reps x 3 sets), Bicep curls (25 lb x 12 reps x 2 sets, 10 reps x 1 set), Russian twists (25 lb x 12 reps x 3 sets); Active for 26:21; 42 calories burned; Average heart rate of 83; Heart rate range of 67-105

Body Composition and Measurements:

Weight: 153.8 lb 

BMI: 22.1 

Body Fat: 13.6%

Body Muscle: 47.5%

Body Water: 63.3%

Bust: 36 1/2 inches

Chest: 34 1/2 inches

Waist: 31 1/2 inches

Hips: 34 7/8 inches

Thighs: 21 1/4 inches

Calves: 14 1/2 inches

Upper Arm: 11 1/4 inches

Forearms: 10 1/4 inches

I based my body measurements off of this guide. I wanted to start looking at this too because I feel that weight, body fat, body water, and body muscle do not tell the full story. I will continue to monitor this to see if my suspicions prove true. I will perform measurements on a weekly basis every Wednesday night.


My resting heart rate for this week is pretty much unchanged from this week and seems to be close to baseline for me. I think I can continue to monitor my resting heart rate relative to that and see if I can bring it down lower as I start to increase my workouts.

I tweaked how I measure my heart rate zones again to include all times when I’m awake rather than just when I’m taking steps to better include excursion from other activities and potentially stressful situations so that is up this week.

My sleep is slightly decreased from the previous week but overall pretty good. Now that I seem to be pretty consistent with that I would like to focus in on defining what a good range is for me, so that I know when I deviate.

I met my step goals, but was a little short on my number of workouts. I found it hard to get the desired intensity that I wanted doing the stationary bike, but maybe when I increase my time eventually my heart rate will rise too.

My body composition appears to be moving in the right direction, so I will continue it as long as doing measurements to see how I am progressing.

Modifications for Next Week:

I think for this next week I do not want to add another metric just yet. I want to continue refining how I analyze my current data to transition over from just pure quantified self to qualified self.

Shooting for a step goal of 6500 steps/day and again 3 workouts with one of them being higher intensity.

Feedback from You:

What data and readouts have you found to be the most useful? Obviously there are so many things to look at but only so little time.

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6 thoughts on “Clearer Picture with Body Measurements – Week 7

    1. Yeah I’m hoping that doing tape measurements will give me an even clearer picture. I’m hoping to do some workouts based on Frank Zane’s program that you wrote about. I’m curious, have you messed around any with doing body measurements?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Excellent, have used the Zane programs in the past and really enjoyed them. Interested to see how you find it. I have used body fat callipers a lot in the past but the usefulness of the callipers depends on the measurer! Nevertheless I have found them useful. Hoping to get a DEXA scan when I can scrabble together enough time and money for one. Out of curiosity more than anything else. For convenience however I find that tape measurements are fantastic as they give a good indication of where things are going!


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