Tracking Workouts in Detail – Week 5

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Week 4: I start exploring my energy levels throughout the day.

Week 3: I start measuring my body composition to track macroscopic effects on my body.

Week 2: I start logging my going-ons for each day to get a better context for my readings.


Weekly Report Jan 29-Feb 4 2016

Description of the Week:

Jan 29: I had a full night’s rest and started off the day by walking the puppy. I went to work and ended up eating out for lunch with the wife. After work we walked around the park a little bit, grabbed some Thai food, watched some TV, and did a little bit of Yoga. Energy Level: 4/4

Jan 30: I slept through the whole night. We took the pup for a quick walk after breakfast before heading to the vet. He had a little bit of puppy pyoderma, so they gave us a spray for that. We then spent a while at the dog park since the weather was nice. We came home for some lunch and a nap and then did a few things around the house. After dinner I stopped by work briefly. We relaxed to some TV in the evening. Energy Level: 4/5

Jan 31: No problems during the night. We woke up and had some breakfast before finishing cleaning the house. The in-laws stopped by so we could celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday. We went out for lunch and tootled about a bit before coming home to hangout and eat some cake. We then briefly went to the dog park to get some of the puppy’s energy out. Leftover lunch for dinner, followed by a few hours at work, and staying up a little later. Energy Level: 4/4

Feb 1: It was a normal Monday with work followed by grocery shopping and a nice evening walk. We stayed up a little later again. Energy Level: 4/4

Feb 2: I woke up a little sore and tired and it mostly went downhill from there. Missed lunch and work and had to stay late, so the wife had to go to puppy class without me. We had dinner together and did some Yoga which definitely helped with the soreness. Put then I was up late working on a presentation. Energy Level: 3/3

Feb 3: I headed into work today a little tired, but the presentation went okay. After dinner I took a little nap. After waking up a enjoyed some tea and leftover cake before working on my second presentation for the week. There would be no sleep tonight unfortunately. Energy Level: 3/4

Feb 4: After a quick shower and breakfast, I had my presentation in the morning, which went fine. I finished up a little work and left home early to nap for a few hours. We went out for some dinner and walked around the mall. Then we can home to relax to some Netflix Energy Level: 4/3

Weekly Energy Level Average: 3.7/3.9


Jan 29: Yoga (tracked by Google Fit); Active for 25:49; 43 calories burned; Average heart rate of 93; Heart rate range of 71-112

Feb 2: Yoga (tracked by Under Armour Record); Duration of 33:48; 41 calories burned; Average heart rate of 93; Peak heart rate range of 118

Body Composition:

Weight: 154.4 lb 

BMI: 22.2 

Body Fat: 13.8% 

Body Muscle: 47.5%

Body Water: 63.1% 


My resting heart rates were elevated for the week likely because of my lack of sleep towards the end, but really only on the 4th when I was napping to recuperate some. We will see if any long term effects bleed into the following week.

My heart rate during workouts was down even though I took more steps throughout the week, but maybe it was balanced out by some of the low impact yoga. My minimum and maximum heart rate were increased on the other hand.

As expected the amount of time I spent in pretty much every heart zone decreased by a considerable amount, but I think only looking at the time that I was active rather than throughout the entire day gives a more appropriate number. I will still go back later and see if instead it’s better to include all of my waking hours instead.

My energy level was down for the week because of some tiredness later in the week, which resulted from not getting as much sleep. But, on the 2nd I still woke up tired and sore for no apparent reason. If I can get a few more occasions of this happening, I should be able to investigate it further.

My body weight increased again some this week, with more of it being fat while still maintaining the same percentage of muscle. I think I will continue this until I get closer to 160 lbs.

This week I also tried out two individual apps to investigate my workouts. The first was Google Fit and the second was Under Armour Record. Both allow you to track activities and provide similar information of time, calories, and heart rate. I think I liked Google Fit a little better because it gives you a range for your heart rate rather than just a peak value, so I will continue to use that moving forward.

Modifications for Next Week:

I was mostly able to meet my step goal of 5,500 this week, so I will bump it up to 6,000 and see how I do.

Additionally I think next week I will include what book/books I’m reading and provide some brief thoughts on what sorts of things they bring to mind.

Feedback from You:

I would like to begin examining my mental capacities either on a daily or weekly basis to get an idea of what my concentration is like, memory, etc. If you have any suggestions for this, feel free to let me know!

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