Beginning to Make Comparisons – Week 2


Weekly Report Jan 8-14 2016

Description of the Week:

Jan 8: I woke up during the previous night as seen by the 2 interruptions. My wife and I stopped by the car dealership to get an estimate on some car repairs. We had a nice lunch out and did a little walking. After work we mostly relaxed at home and were up a little later.

Jan 9: We finished up some work on the kitchen and ate out for both lunch and dinner, but got a little bit of walking in to balance it out hopefully.

Jan 10: Last bit of work in the kitchen with some additional errands after it was all said and done. Ate out for lunch, but had dinner at home. Got a fair amount of walking in, but felt relatively tired for some reason.

Jan 11: Just a regular day of work. Grocery shopping in the evening.

Jan 12: Work during the day with an unintended fast for lunch, but my energy level was still pretty good throughout. We had our second puppy class in the evening. He was probably the most behaved one there.

Jan 13: We had to wake up early for the vet and to drop the car off. Then I had a presentation during lunch and a seminar in the evening, so a bit of a longer day at work.

Jan 14: I was woken up twice by the puppy, so I didn’t get quite as much sleep as I had hoped for. Had work but got to leave a little earlier so we went to the dog park as a treat.


Compared to the previous week, my average resting heart rates are pretty much the same. I was a little more intense this week as evidenced by my heart rate though I noticed it also being suspiciously high during period of sleep, which I assume to likely be inaccurate. This also seemed to lead to the watch not picking up on my sleep phases for the 9th. If anybody has any ideas for how to avoid that let me know. I did seem to get more overall sleep but more of it was light rather than deep or REM sleep, but again that might just be due to the 9th. Another reason could be more sleep disturbances from the pup, but hopefully those will decrease with time. I took less steps than the previous week probably because I was back at work for a full week.

Modifications for Next Week:

I would like to shoot for a minimum of 5000 steps a day, just to raise my average slightly. I would like to be getting closer to 7 hours of sleep at least, but I will just continue to monitor it for now before I try to really push for more changes.

Feedback from You:

I decided to use Google Keep to better track my going-ons for the week. Let me know if you have used any apps to help you with that. Also, how is your year going so far?

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