Baseline Readings to Start – Week 1

Baseline Tables:

Weekly Report Jan 1-7 2016

Description of the Week:

Jan 1: New Year’s Day so I was up a little later the previous night, but nothing too eventful during the day other than heading home.

Jan 2: I spent the day doing things around the house and got a little bit of walking in with my wife and pup.

Jan 3: I was woken up early in the morning by the pup. We also went hiking in a local nature preserve.

Jan 4: It was a normal day, so just went to work and spent time with the wife and puppy. I was up late working on a presentation so got very little sleep.

Jan 5: Work during the day and puppy class in the evening, so that kept us pretty busy.

Jan 6: Work and then game night in the evening with my brother.

Jan 7: Work during the day. We decided to treat ourselves to some dinner out and then spent the rest of the evening relaxing.



Based off of the chart above, my resting heart rate falls within the athlete and excellent range most of the time, but there is definitely some variability throughout the week. It does not seem to be primarily tied to activity of quality of sleep, but that’s something for me to investigate further. Surprisingly the lack of sleep one night did not appear to affect that much. I could also stand to get more high intensity exercise throughout the week, but I’m starting with small steps for now.

Modification for Following Week:

I think I will try to keep better track of what I do on a daily basis to get a better idea of what things might be affecting my heart rate and sleep quality before I attempt any modifications.

Have you had any success for fitness tracking? Let me know what worked and what didn’t.

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3 thoughts on “Baseline Readings to Start – Week 1

    1. Hey Dave, thanks for the question. I have it in my About page, which I will keep updated as I add new things. But briefly, I use my Basis Peak to track most of the activity metrics; Google Keep to track my daily going-ons; a non-connected scale for weight and body composition; and Trackthisforme to monitor my energy levels. Anything fancy you might see likely comes from some manipulation I’ve done in a spreadsheet. Hope that answered your question!


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